Basic Kit 2/E-Box Bluetooth® Kit 3 Plus System
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Basic Kit 2/E-Box Bluetooth® Kit 3 Plus System


Sorry...this product is no longer available.

Product Description

Basic Kit 2

  • The Basic Kit 2 is required for utilizing the BlueTooth® E-Box 3, E-Box 2.1, E-Box 2. This kit fits the N103, N90, N91, N86, N85 and N43 (all versions)
  • Basic Kit 2 includes the speakers, microphone, connecting plates and wires
  • As the basis of the system, it is necessary for all N-Com applications
  • Can be used with a BlueTooth® E-Box for wireless connection with a passenger or with other devices such as a phone, GPS, etc.
  • In the Basic Kit 2, the upgraded speakers make listening to music an enjoyable experience and the rider can choose not to install the microphone if he does not plan to communicate


E-Box Bluetooth® Kit 3 Plus

  • BlueTooth® 3 Kit includes the E-Box, battery, battery charger and the seal
  • The Bluetooth® Kit 3 Plus is stereo for music when used with the Basic Kit 2 and the rider can control the music source from the helmet (skip song, mute, etc)
  • Universal Intercom
  • N-Com system can be connected to other brand communication systems as a ‘mobile phone’
  • N-Com system can simultaneously connect to the other brands of communication systems and to a mobile phone
  • The bike to bike communication range depends on the bike to bike range of both systems
  • The feature will be available on all B4 and Bluetooth® Kit 3 systems thanks to the new firmware version 4.04 (download from N-Com Wizard)

Voice Prompt

  • A voice announces:
  • The N-Com Menu that has been selected by the user
  • The connection to the telephone
  • The Bike to Bike Call and bike called
  • The low battery status
  • The feature will be available on all B4 and Bluetooth® Kit 3 systems thanks to the new firmware version 4.04 (download from N-Com Wizard)


  • Permits users to communicate with four additional riders equipped with their own Bluetooth®
  • FM Radio with RDS function (to stay tuned to the same radio station for the entire ride), with six presettings for your favorite radio stations
  • Firmware updates as well as presetting of the radio stations, volume controls, etc. can be done by connecting the Bluetooth® Kit 3 to a computer via the USB cable (included) with the N-Com Wizard program from their website

DSP - Digital signal processing

  • Dynamic noise reduction during intercom connection with another helmet
  • The DSP technology decreases the background noise captured by the microphone of helmet one and heard in helmet two during intercom communication

Switching off the amplifier

  • If N-Com system is connected only to the mobile phone and there are no other audio sources active, N-Com system automatically switches off the amplifiers
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Reduces white noise of the speaker
  • Reduces noise of Bluetooth® data package transmission