N-Com® Complete Bluetooth® B4 System N-Com® Complete Bluetooth® B4 System
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N-Com® Complete Bluetooth® B4 System



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Product Description

  • Specifically designed for simple, seamless installation in the N104 modular helmet. The installation takes a few minutes thanks to the new configuration: the electronics and the slimmer battery fit like a cartridge behind the lower trim in the back of the helmet. The keypad mounts on the left side and is easy to operate with gloved fingers thanks to its raised rubber buttons. The BlueTooth® B4 allows for wireless communications between your helmet and another BlueTooth® device such as your cellular phone, passenger’s helmet or a GPS.
  • Rider to passenger communication via BlueTooth®
  • Bike to bike communication between 2 BlueTooth® B4 systems up to a distance of a half-mile. A new function permits users to communicate with 4 additional riders equipped with their own B4, one at a time
  • FM Radio with RDS function (to stay tuned to the same radio station for the entire ride), with 6 pre-settings for your favorite radio stations
  • Other devices can be connected to the B4: Music players and other devices using a standard headphone jack can be connected via a wire and other BlueTooth® enabled devices such as a cell phone and a GPS can be paired through the BlueTooth® connection
  • Firmware updates as well as presetting of the radio stations, volume controls, etc. can be done by connecting the B4 to a computer via the USB cable (included) with the N-Com Wizard program from their website