SAS-TEC SC-1/01 Womens Shoulder/Elbow/Knees Armor
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SAS-TEC SC-1/01 Womens Shoulder/Elbow/Knees Armor


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Item: 9101-03 | Dist #: 75-08006


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Product Description

Viscoelastic memory foam: After an impact or deformation of the foam, the protector will quickly revert to its original shape

Multiple Impact Compliance: Even if the same area of the protector receives repeated impacts, the protector maintains if fully functional capability

Adaptive absorption: The air within the cells of the protector allow progressive absorption of energy as the material becomes more firm as it compresses

Climate stability: Sas Tec Visoelastic foam does not break down under high temperatures and can withstand up to 212 degrees Farenheit

Environmentally conscience: Partially made of recyclable materials

NOTE: Each Part Number is ONE PAIR of the armor listed. Certain armor items double for multiple abrasion zones (i.e. elbow, knee - means that armor works for both elbows and knees).