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Youth Neck Support


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Youth Neck Support


Product Description

Compact, easy-to-use design for kids ages 8-14

Ergonomic design and engineered shape for ideal fitment with Alpinestars A-5 S

Left and right rigid frames are made from a polymer compound combination with the internal smooth edge made of soft-injected EVA to provide a great fit and stable positioning

Overall frame construction dissipates energy loads by transmitting them across the back

Flexible back connector between the left and right frames allows the neck support to follow the bodys movements when riding

Chin plates on the front dissipate pressure of the helmet when impacting

New quick-release closure system to easily engage or disengage the neck support

Compatible with Alpinestars A-5 S; can also be worn on its own using the new A-strap (included in the YNS kit)